Implementation Support Services

Once you have got your Project, implementation phase also require outside support several time. this support can be in different forms, like training and skill building of project team, community, target section, surveys, studies on any aspect  in the project area or building up larger perspective, Participatory Rural Appraisal etc. following are few of the services, which can be accessed from us;

Training and Capacity Building

Once the project initiated, the first challenge come as the capacities of staff to deliver and capacities of the target community to adopt the identified practices/ interventions. We can provide capacity building guidelines for your team and for the community, training, or any kind of support. We provide customized training and capacity building support to our clients as per requirement. we also conduct training need assessment studies. 

Business Plans

Most of the organizations, involved in livelihood support projects, are taking route of business and enterprise development. This leads to the skills and resource development in such a way that outcomes survive even after leaving the project. Business plans require, resource analysis, skill set assessment, market surveys and demand and other similar kind of studies depending on the product and its value chain. Our enterprise value chain experts will be able to provide you full support for value chain development and business plan development

 Participatory Rural Assessment (PRA)

PRA and RRA are the assessment tools for project implementation planning. Different tools are there to carry out the PRA exercise which depends on nature of project and parameters to be assessed. Participatory approach is important and non negotiable. We can either design PRA exercise for you, train your team on PRA or do a complete PRA for your project based on the requirements.

Watershed Area and Command area

Watershed planning and development, tracking and monitoring mechanisms, impact assessments, Command area planning, On Farm Development works, Irrigation system design are the interventions which are a bit complex, too technical and required in different project. Our team is capable to take these studies / interventions through different tools including remote sensing, and GIS like tools can be taken up by our expert team.