Research and Evaluation Services

Baseline Studies

In any kind of social, technical intervention project, for ensuring that you are able to show outcomes and impacts of the project after putting all your efforts, one need to have the proper baseline information. We can design baseline studies for you or we can take up such studies for you.  Our team will ensure that all the related aspects are covered and the appropriate methodology has been used for the survey and analysis

Process Documentation

We can also support you by taking up the project process documentation. Process documentation not only helps the team to understand the overall alignment of the interventions against the pre laid objectives, but also provide a great opportunity to learn and document the learning during the project, which otherwise lost in the process and go awqay with the time and manpower

Evaluation and Impact Studies

Evaluation of the project against the pre-decided objectives, outputs and outcomes is the major indicator of success or failure of the project interventions. Evaluation also assesses the efficiency and efficacy of the project. Our team is able to do the evaluation of the interventions through appropriate research methodologies.

Impact evaluation tries to assess the changes made due to particular interventions. Changes may be intended or unintended, positive or negative and it is important to document them to analyse these and convert them in lessons to upscale the interventions and reducing negative aspects and enhance positive impacts