Technical Studies

We are expert in  carrying out the technical studies such as watershed impact studies, recharge studies, soil – water Atmosphere- water relationship studies, vulnerability studies etc. we also provide support in report compilation and we also design surveys for such purposes and take up the technical studies using remote sensing and GIS like tools

Remote Sensing and GIS

Remote sensing and GIS and their combination can be used in several ways, for planning project, for tracking and monitoring the projects, sometimes even in real time, and also assessing impacts of the projects. In addition, These can be excellent tool for communicating the results to wider scale and enhance the trustworthiness and impacts of your presentation and results.

Our team has good understanding of the state of the art tools of GIS and Remote Sensing  about how these technologies can be used for the ground projects and intermingled and cope with ground realities. Our team can also support you to identify, how you can use this technology in context of your project.

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