Project Accompanying

Once the project interventions and activities started, and the team is working with dedication for achieving the identified results, sometimes it become difficult to have a bird eye view of the activities and the overall direction. Enthusiastic team, sometime involves in the activity level to the extent that overall goals/ objectives get ignored and the projects do not yield the expected results. Our Accompanying services are to help the team in this sense by providing an outsiders eye. Our Accompaniers are not part of the project team, but they study the project completely, internalize project goals and objectives, and have eye for understanding the possible impacts of the ongoing activities and projections. Accordingly, accompaniers suggest you, whether change in strategy is required or everything is going all right or there is need to change some focus. Even though our Accompaniers are not part of the project team, but tremendous enhancement in the effectiveness has been achieved through this kind of approach.

We provide you observations from the perspective of

  • Strategy,
  • Technical Aspects and
  • Sustainability Aspect