Rural Development

GreeenSync Solutions is a technical consulting company working in Power and Rural Development domains. If you are interested in our power sector services, solutions, and software please click here.

Rural development is key to the sustainable growth of the country. Understanding this, many institutions are putting their resources and focus on rural development. We aim to enhance the efficiency of the resources being invested in the sector and also to improve the quality of planned outcomes. We use state of the art tools and technologies to design, facilitate, implement, assess, and evaluate the projects targeting rural development. We make tools and technologies economic and easily accessible for implementing and support agencies.

Our services include project design, impact and evaluation studies, designing and implementing surveys, training and capacity building, and many more. We also use IT and digital technologies like MIS, database, cloud-based tools, GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, etc for innovative solutions to support sustainable rural development.



What We Offer

Our Services

We provide our services for Project designing, implementation support, baseline/end line studies, training, capacity building, impact assessment, evaluation studies, etc. We also support to set you up monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems for your projects or programmes. Let’s work together to make a greater impact through your efforts.


Our Thematic Domains

We cover almost all sectors of Rural development that include Watershed development/management, Agriculture, Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Resilience,  Livestock, Natural Resource Management, livelihoods and all aspects of rural development.

Our Edge

Our edge is the use of technology in our solutions. We uniquely explore and suggest the use of GPS, GIS, remote sensing, MIS, web/mobile tools, cloud computing, custom software, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain in rural development projects, through proactive and innovative approaches.

Know More about our Tools

You may like to know, how the most advanced tools can be used for sustainable development.

Drones, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain etc, all have a potential to be applied in sustainable rural development.

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